When it comes to puzzle games, I guess Text Twist 2 deserves special attention. I enjoy this game very much and I have good reasons for it: the game is really entertaining and interesting, there are a lot of words which you have to unlock, the game improves your thinking abilities and can also help you to learn new English words and of course unlike other boring puzzle games out there, this one has challenges and time limit. The game has two modes in it and in order to unlock the second gaming mode, you will first have to finish the first timed mode successfully.

Another interesting feature is that it can be used as an educational app, you will discover new words for yourself and increase your knowledge in an entertaining way.

How to play Text Twist?
It is very easy and doesn’t require special instructions. All you have to do in the game is to discover meaningful words from a random list of letters. Analyze the board that is in front of you and try to find words in this puzzle. The more words you discover the more points you will earn.
Keep in mind that there is the main challenge in the game, if you want to finish the current level and advance onto the next round you will have to complete one specific challenge, the hardest one of course.

No keyboard is required in this game, just use the mouse and click on the letter in order to combine them into a single meaningful word, that’s it!

The story of the game is pretty simple, but it holds pretty tough challenges and forces you to think hard. Hard thinking process in the end improves your brain. So about the idea, it is a simple puzzle game that is present on the flash platform, the game is free to play and you can play it directly from your browser.

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